Megavalanche entries are open

If you are thinking about entering the Megavalanche this year, you might want to hurry… Every year the Megavalanche gets bigger and bigger. It might … Read more

Megavalanche… pour moi au ci

Here it is, the elaborate and final report of a week in Alpe d’Huez to ride the Megavalanche. I promise I won’t mention the Mega … Read more

Megavalanche terror-week part 2

It’s friday and we’re getting ready for the qualifiers tomorrow. This week has been awesome, done some great riding and I’ve got the track reasonably … Read more

Megavalanche voorbereiding

Op de Megavalanche moeten we nog een paar maanden wachten. En ergens is het maar goed ook, want je mag best een beetje trainen om … Read more

Enduro, the new black!

I have here for you, enduro events for 2012. Bare in mind that dates may change, always double check before you leave home! It’s rumored … Read more

Tina -loves- Bike Attack

YEAH! Bike Attack is my new favorite event! It’s on my for-sure list for next year and I’ll tell you why. The Trek Bike Attack is a 20km enduro downhill race with 2000 meters of descending and 140 meters of climbing. Starting at 2861 mtr at the Rothorn and arriving at Churwalden at 1240 mtr.