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Short bio, how it all began…

In 1995 I started mountainbiking, I was looking for a cool hobby that would make up for me sitting behind a computer all day long (see my workrelated blog here). After a few years I bought a ‘light’ freerider and I thought I’d have years of fun with it. Within 6 months I traded it in for a Santa Cruz Bullit. An awesome allround freeride/downhill bike: finished the Megavalanche in 2003 and 2004 with it and even became the Dutch national champion Downhill in 2005.

History of bikes (read blogpost)


 The racing

  • 1996 – Downhill Spa, Belgium
  • 1997 – Downhill Lake District, UK
  • 1997-1998 XC racing + dual slalom
  • 2003 Megavalanche
  • 2003 Dual Slalom, 4x races
  • 2004 Megavalanche
  • 2004 Dual Slalom, 4x races
  • 2005 Downhill races a.o. Winterberg, Bad Wildbad, Rittershausen (Became Dutch National Champion)
  • 2006 Downhill races a.o. Winterberg, Sollingen, Chaudfontaine, Huy, Namur, Bad Wildbad, Rittershausen, Worldcup Willingen (31th) ranked 100 UCI
  • 2007 Megavalanche
  • 2007 Downhill races a.o. Winterberg, Sollingen, Chaudfontaine, Huy, Namur, Bad Wildbad
  • 2009 Trek Bike Attack, All Mountain events
  • 2011 Trek Bike Attack, All Mountain events
  • 2012 Trek Bike Attack, All Mountain events
  • 2012 Enduro races, Easyphone Cup, Dark Dog Enduro, Winterberg IXS Enduro race
  • 2013 Stopped racing, only All Mountain events
  • 2014 Trans-Provence

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