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LIC: Liquid Image EGO full HD sports cam with wifi

I’m excited about this new gadget my friend Nigel bought, he sells it at Fietsshop Uitgeest, and online It’s cute and has great specs. We’re going to take some footage at races this weekend, but here are the specs for all you gadget-junkies.

The Liquid Image EGO is a mountable Full HD Sports Camera that is also Wi-Fi enabled to work with Android and IOS iPhone platforms through downloadable Apps. The camera contains a 136 degree wide angle lens to capture the action on the go and can transmit live view and playback to handheld devices. The Ego can also be controlled by the smartphone for on/off/recording features as well as to change of settings on the camera. The hands free unit has a 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) still images camera mode and a video mode that records HD1080P Video (1920×1080) at a rate up to 30 frames per second as well as the High Action mode of HD720P video (1280×720) at a rate up to 60 frames per second. The Ego features a continuous shot photo mode and can hold a Micro SDHC Card up to 32 GB to record thousands of photos or hours of HD video. The product includes a tripod mount as well as a multi-directional Flat Mount, 1 extra adhesive pad, Protective Face Plate, USB Cable, and an internal 1030mAh rechargeable battery. The battery can record approximately 1.5-2 hours of video and be recharged through the USB cable. Files may be downloaded to a computer through the High Speed USB cable or through a Micro SDHC card. The MicroSDHC Card Required is a 8GB+ Class 6 MicroSD card (card sold separately). The approximate video recording time for both the 1080P Full HD at 30fps and 720P HD at 60fps on a 8GB card is 89 minutes.

Color: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.9 x 8.25 H in Weight: .8 lbs


More images:

Cool new gadget: the Marsh Guard

Greg Minnaars mechanic Jason Marsh had developed a mudguard/fender fit for worldcup racers to use. And since Ft. William most of them have been using them, in the wet or in the dry (check it out:

You might have spotted them on my Trek Slash in Morzine here:

I liked them so much, I’ve contacted Jason so I can sell the Marsh Guard on They’re dead-cheap and easy by envelope-mail to ship. Let me know what you think about them!


First impression Trek Slash 9

The first few km’s on the Slash are in the pocket! I picked this handsome ride up on saturday, went for a sunny ride in the dunes and for a rainy and muddy ride on sunday in Nijmegen. Two totally different riding days, so how did this baby perform?

First, some background

As you’ve read on my blog, I’ve owned several bikes and did some testriding for I have no technical knowledge on how and why something works on a bike, but I know what I like and what works. Also, I have been puking my guts out the days prior to riding on the Slash. So I should not be very fit. Not the best circumstances to ride?

At first glance

I picked up my Slash at Fietsshop Uitgeest, my sponsor and well partner as we both started this team with 4 young riders and ourselves as senior riders on board. It is so shiny, the bike, the Kashima coating looks so sexy and our orange parts fit perfect with it. Some may add a few gram to the bike and the weight of the complete bike with new parts (incl.  pedals) was 14.8kg (32,6 lbs). It’s significant and prior to riding I was worried about the weight. Although I must admit, my Remedy was slightly heavier on racedays. So, considering what the bike is targeted for, I might not complain too much and ride first!


On of most popular xc tracks in Holland, 14 km long with 207m climb. Consider: we’re HOLLAND! Anyway, let’s not debate the practical choice for riding with the slash here, I was in the area 😉 But most people ride hard tails here, so how do I get by with the Slash?

I like a steep angle and rode the lap with the TALAS at 120 mm, it gave me a little xc edge. The  Float kept on position 2 (ride) the whole time but once. Normal pressure, no additional trail tuning.

What I noticed first was: it rides so easily, so light… but wait… it’s heavy I can feel that… How is that possible? Because the Slash sticks to the ground like glue, it’s grounded so you feel it’s weight. But it peddles so light and effectively you gain and maintain speed almost without effort. Schoorl is a bumpy ride, but on board the Slash you hardly notice it, it just gains speed because it’s so grounded.

The few steeper climbs in Schoorl where not a problem for me, I never had to dismount and finally I tried the famous “climb” switch and this bike became ridiculously fantastic at climbing. This feels like my Fuel ex with fat tires. I am not kidding, the Slash has a much better fit for me than the Fuel ex does, so it was even easier for me to climb! Forget comparing it to the Remedy, let’s compare with the Fuel ex!


Saturday’s sun was long gone, or even… it never reached Nijmegen where it’s been muddy and raining for weeks. Januari 8th I was there with the Fuel ex: rain and mud. Now I was here with the Slash: rain and mud. Sounds like a good comparison? Oh wait, I had been sick a week and rode the day before D2/D3, I should be a little less fit.

You can see, we did almost the same trails and same climbs/descends (fuel ex: 21,55km 232m up | Slash 22,38km 246m up). Green is trail-profile and blue is speed. On board the Slash my speed seems overall a bit faster! For your comparison, heart-rate was the same for both rides. Average 146 and Max 177 for the Fuel ex and 174 for Slash. Average moving speed on the Fuel ex was faster according to Garmin 13,4km/h and 12,6km/h on the Slash.


You could study on the differences, but I see an overall of higher speed on board the Slash.

In short, for now

Okay, that was fun for the statistical geeks like me, but you just wanted to know how it rides and see the pictures. I’m pleased about the riding and climbing capabilities, this bike deserves a fitter me (working on it). The weight is noticeable, it’s very grounded. That gives you a little mental set-back, you should let go of that feeling on hinder, because it doesn’t hinder you at all and it’s you’re call wether or not you know are faster on this bike or your that mind is telling you nonsense.

I will not elaborate on the descents for now, you will believe me when I say it’s great and performs outstanding, I should go some place more deserving of such conclusions before saying more about this point.

Well, yeah it’s one hell of a bike and if you can afford one I have no idea why you should look further, this is the bike for enduro-riders that want no compromise going up or going down.

Shut up… show me the pictures already!

NSMB review of Scratch (and compared to Slash)

I just read NSMB’s review of the Trek Scratch Air and this made me so happy I have a Slash on the way expected januari! Check out this video and tell me this didn’t made you want to go out and ride:

Session is getting there!

Hang on, a pic is coming your way this week! I have most parts, a nice white Boxxer race and Avid Code 5 brakes where made available thanks to Fietsshop Uitgeest and other parts I bought from webshops. Oh… webshops don’t get me started. Please if anyone knows of a shop that has a great product availability and even better delivery service: let me know! I had to cancel one order as a products availability changed after I order (and paid) the product and another big webshop (okay, I won’t beat around the bush, it’s CRC) had some unexplained “internal process problems” and kept me waiting another 2 days before shipping (all available products). That’s why you pay for express…

I’ll stop complaining!

I have so much work to do to finish the Session before this weekends IXS race in Winterberg, and a little nervous for riding a new bike in a race. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done! But I figured, it’s a BIG Remedy and the LITTLE Remedy (Fuel) wasn’t that hard to adjust to, so how hard can it be? (talking to myself…. 😉  )

So yes… pictures! Watch this space!

Session on the way

As it looks like I’m selling the Bullit as a complete bike, I have a lot of parts I need to buy before I can ride. My timing could be better, in a week and a half I was supposed to ride the IXS in Winterberg. Can you say “checklist”!?

  • Forks: Boxxers (my eye on a 2009 race, but it needs an axl and tuning asap)
  • Brakes (Saint, the successor of the amazing XT 4pods??)
  • Chainguide (Gamut on the way)
  • Wheels (used, on the way)
  • Rear-gear (on the way)
  • Cranks + inner (on the way)
  • Specialized Butcher SX tires (on the way)
  • Need to get some tubes too
  • Grips
  • Cassette/chain/cables
  • Chainring 38t

Do you have brakes or Boxxers lying around? Please contact me!

Oops I did it again…

Barely 8 months after writing about my reunion with the Bullit, I have another Trek-addition on the way to replace it. I feel bad, but happy altogether. It brings a few nasty details with it though, my mate just donated a set of wheels for it but I have to get another set for this one as it uses a different hub-size. Also a different bracket-size, and this one had ISCG tabs. So chainguide, cranks, bottombracket, wheelset and probably some cables and a short cage reargear. Will I be complete then? Gosh I hope so… impulsive actions always come at a cost, let’s hope the fun makes it worth it.

Push tuning: it should be mandatory!

Recently I overhauled the Remedy and shipped the Lyrik and the Float to Tim Flooks for tuning and maintenance. Sending your shock or forks to Tim Flooks is not luxury, it’s a necessity! I’ve had my forks done by them since 2003 and even then I noticed the improvement. My buddie and I had been discussie PUSH tuning for ages and I had one of these “what the…”-moments when I booked my Float in for service. I’m glad I did!

It’s expensive, but our line of sport just is. The first thing I noticed was the amount of sag, a lot more then I’m used to. I resisted the urge to up the pressure and got to riding first, as per perscription of the shock-doctor who did the work on my Float. Before I had the pro-pedal switched on practically everywhere except for descents. But in Malmedy (±700m climb in 18km ride) I barely switched it on! I was kind of impressed… but it wasn’t untill I visited Nijmegen where my buddie and I do our fitness-rides and where I know the terrain like the back of my hand, when being impressed sounds just a little understated.

The Remedy climbs almost as good as the Fuel does (now I want to Fuel to be PUSHed too), there’s one rather fast descent in Nijmegen. I dropped the Joplin and attacked it with all I had and I couldn’t believe it. Brake- or speed-bumps? Like there where NONE! The Float feels endless, truly floating over the terrain and it responds so quickly yet allowing you to keep peddling like a full-efficient-maniac.

I would go as far as to say that PUSH tuning should be mandatory on every Fox driven All-Mountainbike.

A little info for you:

Looking for the ultimate performance upgrade? PUSH Factory Tuning Systems include our TF Tuned Rebuild, but then adds the installation of PUSH performance components based on rider weight and style, as well as year, make, and model of frame. We also add the Propedal feature to non-Propedal shocks, or retune the Platform feature of your current Propedal unit based on your application.

With this package, on RC/RL units, we replace the restrictive lockout piston with a PUSH high flow Vx compression piston for improved bump performance and control. We also remove the lockout mechanism permanently, add the Propedal feature, and custom tuned it to your application. More details here

PUSH Factory Tuning System Includes:

  • Complete Disassembly/Reassembly
  • Oil/Nitrogen Fill
  • O-Ring Kit
  • Factory Air Seal Kit
  • Push PTFE Endless Piston Glyde Band
  • R-Glyde Liner Eyelet Bearings
  • PUSH Factory Suspension Decal
  • PUSH Exclusive Vx Piston
  • Push Multi-Phase Compression and Rebound Valving
  • “Platform” Feature
  • Push Zero-Bleed Piston Bolt**

Factory Tuning System Float R / RC / RL (includes full service) £129 + P&P

Factory Tuning System (without seals on new units) £119 + P&P

Raceface quits!?

Just now I read on the news of Race Face closing it’s doors. I haven’t found anything on the site to support that fact. And I checked my calendar to see if it was april fools… It’ll be very sad to see a brand like Race Face disappear from the bike-landscape. It has become legendary and you can almost imagine the run on the remaining stock in bikeshops for the truely fantastic parts and clothes they make. Now the Race Face stickers I have from the many parts I’ve bought over the years may become coveted, and I’ll stick them on my bike or helmet as an hommage.

So sad to see you go Race Face, I miss you allready!

Back together again

Recently I’ve been spending time and money into two new projects! The first one has been ready for a few weeks, all it needs is new wheels and tires, but it’s ready to roll: Santa Cruz Bullit!

The funny thing is, that this bike used to belong to my good friend. He bought a Bullit in oktober 2003 and I soon followed after being inspired. He on the other hand never sold his baby. Untill now… Back together again!

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