Bike Attack (ch) this weekend

After being run over from behind during the Megavalanche in 2007, I was kinda ‘cured’ from this mega event. I still think it’s some of the best riding ever, but with over 2000 participants it’s to much for me. I’ve heard a lot about the Bike Attack in Switserland, it’s low profile and they have a max of 700 participants. 674 men en 46 women, including me and my friend Ilja.

We are heading out there tomorrow with a campervan and expect to land somewhere friday afternoon. Might do a run on the track if we have time. Or else it’s early rise for us on saturday. 2pm the quali’s start. The Bike Attack quali’s are voluntary. It might give you a good position on sunday. For me: an extra run in the Swiss Alps included, as it’s about 1.000 km’s by car to get there. Sunday is the race with a mass start, like the Megavalanche, but as far as I can tell, not on a glacier. Which is fine, because the forecasts for this weekend are AWEFULL!

3 thoughts on “Bike Attack (ch) this weekend”

  1. Great weather, great people, great camper, great rösti.
    Wanna go again, even if the “Trekkkk Baik Áttekkkk”-guy will be there…

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