IXS Winterberg

Can you imagine about 1200 bikers in one (tiny) bikepark? Divided over slopestyle, 4x, endurance and downhill it’s less horrible as it sounds, but it is still madness. The DIRTMASTERS is a huge event in the bikepark of Winterberg in Germany and it’s 4 days of bikefun. This year I’ve managed to register for the downhillrace on sunday together with 14 other women in the free-category.

The track was altered for the race and was about 90% different from the usual track. And the change was fun. Not really difficult, no real big jumps or gaps. Just a lot of roots and sections where you’d have to carry huge speed to make a difference for the end-results. I cannot remember a race where the ambulances where needed so frequently, or even the trauma-heli. Maybe also due to the big amount of riders on the track.

I just finished the Session a day before I left for Winterberg. The first few runs where all about getting my nerve back from my crash and getting to know the Remedy-maxi. By the time I finished the seeding-run on saturday I felt pretty happy about the whole thing. Raceday was all about holding on to that feeling and scraping seconds of my time (2:41), and my race-run went fantastic. Not only did I improve my time to 2:34, I improved my lines and refound my riding mojo.

I found this clip on pinkbike.com, if you’re familiar with the normal DH track, you need to pay extra attention to get it, but it’s a great track.