Megavalanche terror-week part 1

Haven’t been updating for a few days, crazy riding and scarce wifi over here, but I’ve got it now. We arrived on sunday and did a short session on the qualifying track and connecting to the downhill here in Alpe d’ Huez. It’s one of my favorite parts of the track and the qually is by far the best track over here to ride. Our friends arrived sundaynight and we rode together on monday for a full day. Managed to ride most of the qually and the bottomhalf of the Megavalanche.

Good performance if you know that most uplifts didn’t go for most of the afternoon, because of wind (storm). We arrived at Allemond around 16hrs and the bus left just past 17hrs to Oz. There we discovered that the uplift stopped… we nearly faced a dreadfull climb up the hill, but luckily for us they shipped us up the mountain. Big heavy wind though… not very relaxing.

On tuesday we ventured up the mountain toward 3.330 mtrs. to the Pic Blanc to ride the glacier, the top part of the megavalanche. It was -5┬║! Rain, wind, hail… mist! We couldn’t see past one or 2 meters ahead. And snow most of the way down! Part of our group even got semi-lost on the glacier, can you imagine!

But once you push through the clouds, the view is awesome! It’s quite a peddle toward Alpe d’Huez and we didn’t make it back without any trouble. My brother hurt his hand, I had a bolt come loose on my chainguide (could’t use my granny) and I have bruises I’m not sure how they got there… but all and all it was big fun… big terror-fun!

Today we’re chilling, enjoying the good weather, going to see the Sprint Avalanche near Oz and heading up the mountain again tomorrow.

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