Megavalanche terror-week part 2

It’s friday and we’re getting ready for the qualifiers tomorrow. This week has been awesome, done some great riding and I’ve got the track reasonably dailed. The qualifiers are for the different Mega’s that are being ridden on sunday. There’s the Megavalanche, the best 508 riders of the qualifiers. The Mega Pink, all the women that finished the qualifiers. The Mega Promo, the next 500 best riders and the Mega Affinity. That’s a bit stupid though. All that didn’t finish in the top 1000 will be given the chance to ride the Mevalanche with a chip, but no mass-start. They have to depart between 10.15 and 11.30 and have to pass Alpe d’Huez before 12.30.

For a lot of guys, this means no mass start and no Megavalanche experience! I’d wish they had mentioned this before. It’s a smart set-up but not fair to most riders.

For the girls on the other hand, it’s spectacular! About 60 women are to start, our own qually wave and our own Mega start, between the Megavalanche and Mega Promo in. It’s awesome for us!

No pictures at this moment, more to come!