Yesterday there was a 12 hour spinning (indoor-cycling) marathon held in Apeldoorn. The goal was to raise money and awareness for the research of energy metabolism-diseases (I hope I’ve translated that one properly). Outside the venue we had Cannondale, Specialized, BMC and Rocky Mountain set-up with newest bikes to test. Unfortunately the weather didn’t coorporate and we got a mere few visitors. I decided to check out the marathon inside and it took me 2 minutes to regret not entering the marathon myself.

It’s teamefforts trying to cycle the full 12 hour and I don’t think there was one that did the full 12 hours. Would have been somewhat mad! A couple of them did 6-hour challenges. Anyway, I raced home, got into my spandex and raced back to put in my two hours of sweat for the good course.

Seems like work-frustration is the best epo around, because I had so much energy… I could have done a few extra hours I think. The second hour I didn’t sit down at all, had to push up the hills, hauling ass. It’s an awesome good feeling joining in for the greater course and working your ass of (and cleaning your head in the process).

Anyway, it looks like they raised 12.275 euro’s yesterday and they’re planning another marathon next year. Anyone want to team up with me to go for a 6 hour bashin’? 

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