PPdS: on fire!

Just got back from a hit-and-bike weekend in France and I had a superb time. I was kinda worried if I was fit enough to finish the whole loop. Erm… I mean I was VERY worried! We departed in Morzine and I was realy getting into gear by the time we reached Champery. My buddie was having a break-down on the long semi-flat climb and we passed the opportunity to ride a very cool downhill-track we actually did do last year.


The stuff that didn’t break?!

After a long break in Chamery (near the air-lift because the festival area was noisy as hell) we got back up and after Les Lindarets I was getting somewhat tired. The last downhill to Morzine I kinda forgot the flip the switch of my rearshock and it was no wonder my forks got overheated and myself included from working unnessesarily hard. The aphalt pedal to the Morzine uplift to Les Gets was murder. Without the slightest bit of wind, the sun was burning and we where close to being toast. The uplift to Les Gets stopped 2 times along the way, one time close to 10 minutes. Without any fresh are (these bulb-like cabins have no ventilation or windows) and having finished all my water, we all needed to keep our heads cool and not freak out. We had just 50 meters of faint downhill to go and a steep asphalt walk before we could cruise down and finish in our cabine up the mountain near Les Gets. Dead tired, but super happy. Just one chainsuck! Ask the many many other riders with trouble along the way, that’s pretty awesome!


About the trails

We did the classic route (75km) and the types of trails differ between almost boring wide flat tracks with grit or the ultimate singletracks with all the roots and rocks you can handle. I’m inclined to say that anyone with MTB experience, basic fitness and a dureable bike (one that’s in good technical shape) can enter the PPdS. Or I should say: anyone SHOULD enter the PPdS at least once. It’s perfectly organized, there’s no competition element; all the riders give room to one and another, everyone is happy. XC riders can get their kick on the special XC challenge routes, if you’re not fit or have a heavy DH bike, you can rest and take the uplifts. For 35 euro’s, you can’t ask for a better day of fun than the PPdS!