PPdS: Remedy’s graduation

The first time I rode the PPdS, I titled the blogpost “the stuff that broke“. Something similar comes to mind this time. Only, we got to finish, in a wicked time, saving up all broken elements for the final 10 kilometres or so.

Known fenomenal

We started in Morzine and by the time we drove past Les Lindarets, we both where so stoked that we ‘forgot’ to rest and carried on for five hours! Took mini-breaks and kept pedaling like idiots. Obviously we didn’t take the optional xc route, we’re not (that) crazy. But we got on top of the nasty tarmac climb near Morgins thinking we where xc-racers. So that’s how much fun an enduro bike can be… never knew that.

We agreed to take a real break in Champoussin, but seeming that that’s only a small refill station, we pushed on to Champéry. At least, tried to.

Past the four-cross trail is a downhill that finishes near the Mosettes uplift and we didn’t have a clue how to get to Champéry. The nice guys at the lift suggested we took the uplift to Champéry and the big bus later downward, but arriving near the Planachaux, we changed our minds. Turned around and agreed to take our break in Les Lindarets. (only 10 km’s from the finish in Morzine, not counting the small loop near Les Gets).

The stuff that broke

When you’ve been near Champéry, you know that it’s lovely up there. Awesome trails, and high altitude. But… when your break is a few hours overdue, it’s hard to enjoy it. Boy, where we  suffering.

Kept pushing and pushing (not wanting to slow down) and Ilja crashed over one silly rock. Without breaking anything thankfully, only pain. So we took our time in Les Lindarettes to recover.

There we finally could enjoy the wonderful catering the PPdS is famous for. And we decided to queue for the uplift around 15.30. While waiting, I casually checked my rear wheel. Only to discover that my hub had plenty play sideways. Awesome… just awesome with some of the nicest downhills to come.

So I tried to take it easy. Untill Ilja’s shockmount started squealing. Like a girl!

Tried to fix that, without success and that was more awesomeness (sigh) for us in the last few kilometres. And finally my gear-cable gave in, 4-star awesomeness: turning my Remedy into a 3-speed and still we didn’t give up! Kept smiling and pushing till the end. Finished the lap in a stunning 7,5 hours, with 2/3 of the time feeling like a rockstar on wheels!

Graduation time

The Remedy felt like home in the Alpes, and I can honestly say that I now will not to buy a Session. If a Remedy rips like that… a Session would rip me to pieces! That said, keep in mind dear Remedy-owner: if and when you ride the Alpes and have a momentary feeling that is similar to “OMG if a Remedy is this fast… a Session must carry on with the speed of light…” you are wrecking your rearhub!

Continental graduates too

Lastly: a very important experiment. The Mountain Kings, yes my favorites, did not flat once! Even with the superduper  Continental Supersonic innertubes weighing a stunning 100 grams a piece! I was going near light speed on 100 grams innertubes! That kept me going and smiling the whole time!

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  1. Sounds very much like our day at pods . My girlfriend and I completed it with. No mechanicals and only one fall by me!

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