Third place in the Esneux Enduro

So, the first enduro was last weekend and it was fun. Started off with sun, so many optimistic clothing and tires. Soon it turned into rain and mudfest. Not that it spoiled much of the fun. These enduro’s in Belgium have timed stages, in Esneux 4. Three where about 1km and one was 3km. This one had a nasty climb and there is where my fitness is not up to par. Not a problem for the first enduro of the year, where much of the testing was done on ourselves, the bike and the gear.

The Slash was fantastic, in the fourth stage there was a technical decent on stone underground, really tricky. Not for the Slash, he wanted to go way faster. In the end I took a third place and promise of better if I improve my form, let’s do that.

I had a great time with the boys from my team, and we are eagerly awaiting the team gear, next race we’ll be uniform 🙂




2 thoughts on “Third place in the Esneux Enduro”

  1. Well done. The slash is looking great. And now you have to do all the races and win the klassement!

  2. Going to miss 1 because of the 11-stedentocht in September. But 5 out of 6 may do, if I score well on the next races

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