#4 Buy a new helmet

Just the other day I posted 9 things to do in 2009, and I’ve already jumped on the bandwagon in order to get things crossed off my list. Good thing for me I have a birthday coming up; so I arranged #4 on my list to be a present!

Don’t you just hate…

… how helmets look cool on others and make you look even geekier than you already do. I’ve tried on Giro helmets and it’s ridiculous! I guess it’s safe and all, but the helmet is both high and wide and make my head shrink like a peanut. (eventhough thát’s slightly better than make you look fat…). So I banned Giro for the moment and got side-tracked by a nice CG-signature fullface helmet by Bell. Even Though I won’t buy it, because it lacks vents, I wanted to see if Bell had any cool helmets for my goal: xc-Allmountain-trails-freeride-enduro-downhill type of riding. They didn’t. Another brand popped in my head: Met. And as it turned out, they have really nice xc-Allmountain-trails-freeride-enduro-downhill type of helmets. The Met Kaos comes in two versions. The one that weights 250 gram (WTF?!) and the one that weights about 195 grams.

195 grams is a bit to skinny to my liking, but the Kaos does look pretty and I have had a Met helmet before. Oh and it has nice features, don’t you think:

  • New compact Integral double In-molding construction
  • 22 air vents
  • Rear vents
  • Safe-T X retention system
  • Washable and anti-allergic internal pads in Coolmax®
  • Lockable side strap divider
  • Removable & ventilated peak
  • Anti pinch buckle
  • 2 sizes: M 54-57/ L 58-61 cm
  • Weight: 250 g

I’m somewhat concerned about the big vent in front, what if I crash there? But on the other hand, let just not crash there 😉 Plus it got a good review on BikeRadar.com Okay, so my birthday present is in the mail, just a little preview for you:

Met Kaos bought at Chain Reaction Cycles

So one thing crossed of my list! Erm… well… a half thing… still a new fullface helmet to go… *grin* got any pretty (well vented, light but not TLD-priced) suggestions for me?

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