Finally mr. Flatline!

It’s here! The new Rocky Mountain Flatline. It’s a testbike from my sponsor, I get to check it out and say what I think of it. Some things needs tweaking, angle of handlebar and saddle of instance, but I can’t wait to get out there!

But, I’ve got all these horsepowers and no one to share it with! Holy sh*t… all my friends are up to something else. Luckily I’ve got plans to go to the Filthy Trails next week on saturday. And I will sneak out a ride this afternoon by my self if I have to (this is a thread, anybody reading this -you know who y’are- please be kind).

Rocky Mountain Flatline

Edit: just had my first date, a little fun on my local (petit) trail. Eventhough it’s an 18″ (my Switch is 16.5″) it feels compact and nimble. Acceleration is surprisingly easy. The Fox DHX 3.0 need tweaking though, the rear isn’t suiting my just yet. But it was a realy hot first date!