Minireview MULE bar


Chances are that you’ll find MULE bars in your local (dutch) bikeshop soon, because it’s now being distributed here in the Netherlands by MULE bar is the labor product of Alex and Jimmy who thought energy bars tasted and digested poorly. If you’ve ever tryed and Isostar bar, you’ll agree.

So they decided to cook up their own special brew, made of real and organic ingredients and Fair Trade accredited when possible (two out of five bars and they want to improve that score!). To top that of, they donate 1% of sales every year to environmental groups protecting our natural world, governed by 1% For The Planet.

Eat and do good

So eating a MULE bar is the best thing you can do for your body, the environment and and making the planet a better (work) place for some others. Need more?

You might be picky about taste. I’ve tried the Pinacolada: pineapple + coconut + some Chinese Ghoji berries (vitamin C) =  343kj of calories per 100 grammes. Pineapple and coconut: my favs. You know what I only like more? You won’t believe this because they HAVE a bar with my favorite stuff in the whole wide world: liquorice! I’ve yet to try one of these, but I’m sure it’ll be heavenly!

Other bars on the menu are called: Mango Tango, Hunza Hut, Chocolate Fig Fiesta, Strudel and Chocolate Fig Mud. You can find details and ingredients on this page here, if you’re allergic to nuts and stuff like I am, it’s good to know you’ll find out exactly what types of nuts are used.

I’m not sure when they hit the stores, I’ll let you know when I find out. And more important, if the Liquorice Allsports bar delivers!