Session is getting there!

Hang on, a pic is coming your way this week! I have most parts, a nice white Boxxer race and Avid Code 5 brakes where made available thanks to Fietsshop Uitgeest and other parts I bought from webshops. Oh… webshops don’t get me started. Please if anyone knows of a shop that has a great product availability and even better delivery service: let me know! I had to cancel one order as a products availability changed after I order (and paid) the product and another big webshop (okay, I won’t beat around the bush, it’s CRC) had some unexplained “internal process problems” and kept me waiting another 2 days before shipping (all available products). That’s why you pay for express…

I’ll stop complaining!

I have so much work to do to finish the Session before this weekends IXS race in Winterberg, and a little nervous for riding a new bike in a race. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done! But I figured, it’s a BIG Remedy and the LITTLE Remedy (Fuel) wasn’t that hard to adjust to, so how hard can it be? (talking to myself…. 😉  )

So yes… pictures! Watch this space!