Should I get Avid Elixir’s?

I’m still in love with my Remedy. One switch (no pun 😉 ) and it rides like a hardtail and a switch-back (get me going) and it’s a playfull ride down the hill. But there are a few things I would like to upgrade.

The SLX gearing for one, it’s by far not accurate enough as I’m used to, using SRAM. So that’s gotta go as soon as possible. The cranks however are quite good, except for the rings; they wear too fast.

Go for Elixir?

The Juicy 5’s are not that bad. The white paint chips easy, that’s a shame. To me, the modulation of the lever is not good enough, and the disc bend just by looking at them. I got a new pair with the bike, as the ones that came with, where bend, but now these are bend too.

What do you think, is it true that the G3 disc’s the Elixirs come with, are better for braking and more durable? They’re only a few grams lighter and the levers are better modulated. But I want to go bigger for the rear brake anyway, so eighter pay extra for new discs and adapters, or go Elixir… what’s your advice?

Avid Elixir R
Avid Elixir R

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2 thoughts on “Should I get Avid Elixir’s?”

  1. I got Elixir’s on my new Big Hit3 and have to say that I am totally impressed. After 11 days in the Alps I had no problem with them, they were totally dependable and very powerful.

    My other bike has XT on it, which I prefer simply because they are easier to bleed and filled with mineral oil.

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