Trek Remedy has arrived!

So my new bike arrived today and, with only a tiny tune-up, I couldn’t help myself. I took the Remedy for a short ride near Apeldoorn, the sights where beautifull because of the snow and I was counting my blessings. My mates where hard at work, and I found myself enjoying my new bike.

The Lyrik is allready everything I hoped it would be: bloody awesome! The Fox RP2 also delivers and setting both up to my standards was a piece of cake. The SLX cranks look sexy sweet! And yes, the Remedy does pedal as well as promised! It’s light too.

I am, however, ordering some new stuff for the cockpit. Not at all pleased with the low-riser (1″) and (somewhat) long stem (80mm). I knew buying this bike, the toptube would be a bit on the long side. (A size smaller would have been too small). So I’m ordering some new goodies that make me more comfortable. Hopefully saturday this saturday a longer ride, with the new gear on board, along with my beloved Conti’s and the Joplin.

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