It’s been a LONG time sinds my last blogpost. I’ve been enjoying my last rides with the Switch. Had the best time with the dutch marketing team from Trek. Which was good, because I have had my eye on that Remedy of theirs for a while now. Unfortunately they didn’t bring a medium sized one.

But okay, the Switch is going back to the sponsor sometime next year, ending what has been 2 excellent years of sponsoring by The best LBS if you ask me, and I’m still gonna support them, whenever I can. Leaves me without a bike however, so I’ve been thinking about what would make the best bike for me. And I know what that is: A Rocky Mountain Switch on a superdiet with a little less travel. It has the best geometry, especially when I run the forks at 140 mm (almost always) and it’s even fun on and xc ride. In my own pace that is 😉

So my shortlist:

Allmost made the cut: Specialized Enduro SL (boring), SC Nomad (Hot, expensive and doubtfull about VPP for me), Scott Ransom: too many horror stories, Norco Fluid: dunno, Mongoose Teocali/Khyber: LOVE ‘EM. Poorly distributed here (often no mailorder in foreign online shops). Khyber seems a bit to heavy, Teocali skinny on the travel-side. Slayer: wheelbase is too long, plus a bit heavy.

So what constitudes THE All Mountain Long Travel bike for me?

  • Around 14 kg,
  • Travel 150-160 mm,
  • Geometry: Short wheelbase and chainstain. Rather steep stering- and seatangle,
  • Adjustable fork; preferbly Rockshox Lyrik U-turn(coil),
  • A good/smart setup, parts can be upgraded,
  • All day ride, once for Alpes/Ardennes and for Bikepark-flow and fun.

Breaking it down

Trek Remedy 7

Cost: 2599 euro

  • Lyrik U-turn (coil) with Fox Float RP23: excellent setup. Good enough specs.
  • Rave reviews, can’t find a bad one.
  • Good distribution and warrenty network.


  • Did a short testride on a previous model, not sure about the rockerlink, direct feel.
  • Rave reviews, can’t find a bad one.

Lapierre Spicy 316

Cost: 2299 euro (could pick up a 2008 one for 2000 euro)

  • Hothothot + Vouilloz,
  • Light, 160 mm


  • Float R shock (checking if it’s upgradable)
  • FOX 36 VAN R fork, not adjustable
  • Rather basic parts, however, could upgrade some parts along the way and end up with dreamy bike.

Cube Fritzz

Cost: 2599 euro

  • Rock Shox Lyrik 2StepAir (eventhough I’d prefer the U-turn with coil),
  • Good specs for the cash,
  • Goed reviews.


  • It’s a CUBE…

Canyon Torque ES 7.0

Cost: 2399 euro

  • RockShox Monarch 4.2 (very curious about that one) TALAS RC fork (adjustable at least)
  • Horstlink,
  • Good reviews,
  • Rob J rides for Canyon (ex-Rocky Mountain),
  • Great specs for the cash


  • Not sexy!
  • Sounds good on paper, but is it really…
  • Long estimate delivery.

So what do you think? Can you help me out? Comment below.

I can’t figure it out any more. They all seem like great bikes and my preference switches (no pun) daily. Would they all cost the same, with the same basic spec? I might choose the Lapierre Spicy…