What bike to get?

It’s been a LONG time sinds my last blogpost. I’ve been enjoying my last rides with the Switch. Had the best time with the dutch marketing team from Trek. Which was good, because I have had my eye on that Remedy of theirs for a while now. Unfortunately they didn’t bring a medium sized one.

But okay, the Switch is going back to the sponsor sometime next year, ending what has been 2 excellent years of sponsoring by Stappenbelt.com. The best LBS if you ask me, and I’m still gonna support them, whenever I can. Leaves me without a bike however, so I’ve been thinking about what would make the best bike for me. And I know what that is: A Rocky Mountain Switch on a superdiet with a little less travel. It has the best geometry, especially when I run the forks at 140 mm (almost always) and it’s even fun on and xc ride. In my own pace that is 😉

So my shortlist:

Allmost made the cut: Specialized Enduro SL (boring), SC Nomad (Hot, expensive and doubtfull about VPP for me), Scott Ransom: too many horror stories, Norco Fluid: dunno, Mongoose Teocali/Khyber: LOVE ‘EM. Poorly distributed here (often no mailorder in foreign online shops). Khyber seems a bit to heavy, Teocali skinny on the travel-side. Slayer: wheelbase is too long, plus a bit heavy.

So what constitudes THE All Mountain Long Travel bike for me?

  • Around 14 kg,
  • Travel 150-160 mm,
  • Geometry: Short wheelbase and chainstain. Rather steep stering- and seatangle,
  • Adjustable fork; preferbly Rockshox Lyrik U-turn(coil),
  • A good/smart setup, parts can be upgraded,
  • All day ride, once for Alpes/Ardennes and for Bikepark-flow and fun.

Breaking it down

Trek Remedy 7

Cost: 2599 euro

  • Lyrik U-turn (coil) with Fox Float RP23: excellent setup. Good enough specs.
  • Rave reviews, can’t find a bad one.
  • Good distribution and warrenty network.


  • Did a short testride on a previous model, not sure about the rockerlink, direct feel.
  • Rave reviews, can’t find a bad one.

Lapierre Spicy 316

Cost: 2299 euro (could pick up a 2008 one for 2000 euro)

  • Hothothot + Vouilloz,
  • Light, 160 mm


  • Float R shock (checking if it’s upgradable)
  • FOX 36 VAN R fork, not adjustable
  • Rather basic parts, however, could upgrade some parts along the way and end up with dreamy bike.

Cube Fritzz

Cost: 2599 euro

  • Rock Shox Lyrik 2StepAir (eventhough I’d prefer the U-turn with coil),
  • Good specs for the cash,
  • Goed reviews.


  • It’s a CUBE…

Canyon Torque ES 7.0

Cost: 2399 euro

  • RockShox Monarch 4.2 (very curious about that one) TALAS RC fork (adjustable at least)
  • Horstlink,
  • Good reviews,
  • Rob J rides for Canyon (ex-Rocky Mountain),
  • Great specs for the cash


  • Not sexy!
  • Sounds good on paper, but is it really…
  • Long estimate delivery.

So what do you think? Can you help me out? Comment below.

I can’t figure it out any more. They all seem like great bikes and my preference switches (no pun) daily. Would they all cost the same, with the same basic spec? I might choose the Lapierre Spicy…

11 thoughts on “What bike to get?”

  1. I think the Canyon is quite sexy. But my money would be on the Trek if I liked the ride. The Trek ABP pivot around the rear axle is a clever design is my opinion. Does the Remedy 7 have the same? However, I don’t like the Trek 1.5 and 1.1/8 headtube – this might limit future fork choices? Whatever you choose I would swap out the front chainset for a two ring and bashguard/chainguide setup for the long bumpy Alps trips.

  2. Hey Mal, thanks for your feedback. The Remedy 7 has the same frame as the 8 and 9, so including the ABP. And that does sound smart! I don’t think the headtube limits fork choice more than other frame so, just the headset: no sexy Chris King I think 🙂

    I agree, I would swap the chainset, to bad it’ll add some extra weight 😉

    I’m having a CUBE day today, but I bet it’ll be different tomorrow…sigh! Hope next time we ride, there’s a new baby in the family, as soon as I can make a choice.

  3. Hey Patrick, the Meta has 140 mm travel and I want a little more. I’ve learned that the 6.2 is 15.4 kg, and if possible I would like something lighter. But it’s a very very nice bike!

    You’re looking for a 140mm bike? Looked at the Mongoose Teocali? That floating suspension really rocks!

  4. Tanja,

    How about a Cotic Hemlock? It’s has just been revised, has mutiple travel options which makes it the perfect match for your divers needs. It is imho uncommon which makes it sexy and last but not least you have the possibility to get/give feedback directly to the designer himself (Cy). The communication with those guys is great, they don’t have problems with oversees sales. I am a proud owner of a Soul (140mm steel SS HT) and very very happy with their approach to the fun factor in biking. Could be worth a shot… 🙂

  5. The suspension is not what I’m looking for, it hasn’t got a link in in the chainstay (or something other similar to horstlink).

    But again, these hardtails are too sweet! Thanks for the tip!

  6. the warranty on frame must be concidered when paying big money giant has life time mongoose 2’3 years only teocali early frame very weak lots of problems think about it

  7. If you ask me you have done a fantastic choices with the list you offered. I’ve been looking for and reading just for thoose type of bikes and end up with similar list. There was time that I was into Canyon, than Lapierre and ofcourse TREK Remedy.
    So I vote 100% for TREK Remedy!
    But also would think about the offer of LAPIERRE 2008 for 2000 Euros.

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