2012, what’s on the calendar this year?

Yesterday was the first day we could actually enjoy some sun during the ride and after talk. Sign of the birth of a new season, and while plans have already been made long ago, it’s fun to share and let the fun begin.

  • Trek Bike Attack
  • Passportes du Soleil
  • Easyphone Enduro cup
  • L’EREC Dark Dog Enduro Remouchamps
  • Bluegrass enduro Dabo
  • 11Steden-MTBtocht
  • E3 (roadie stuff)

TBA, ofcourse, in August, this year with 10 Dutch girls on the grid. Oh boy… Must be awesome! And a few weeks later, 11steden-MTBtocht. Do me a favor and google “elfstedentocht”, is an iceskating tour of 220km and only held when our winters are fierce enough, which is hardly ever. We came close this year though and that made this subject hot again. The organization of the 11steden-MTBtocht redesigned their route and came to a 3-day event with 260km for duo’s only. So me and my friend Annemieke enrolled just because we can and now we are stuck training for it 😉 It’s good though, because I want to ride the Trans Provence next year and I can use the extra milage.

We had decided against the PPdS this year, but other plans got delayed and we impulsively registered for the PPdS anyway, opted for a few extra days of riding near Morzine, we’ll have a blast!

Speaking of The Blast, this new format of enduro-racing has two dates announced. First in Malmedy and next in the Vosges, just a week before the PPdS. Not the best timing for me, but you should consider, it’ll be legendary!

About 5 races in the Easyphone enduro cup and two others are the races I’ve committed to this year and I think that’ll keep me busy enough this year.

What are your plans?