3 tips on getting stronger (and faster)

The last year I’ve been learning a lot about training and not just the old fashioned kind, but modern ways of getting fit that fit our busy lives. I have 3 tips for you, please comment if you have suggestions or want to know more, getting stronger and faster is within your reach!

  1. Buy a kettlebell!
  2. If anyone can explain what it’s good for, it’s James Wilson:

  3. Do core stability!
    Adds strength and stability, so you can last longer and ride better. Even faster I dare say. You don’t need fancy equipment, just an exercise mat for your comfort. Want suggestions? Cycling crunches, plank or mountain climber-plank, or side plank, push-ups even single leg push up or wait: spiderman pushups! I can go on for hours, just mail me if you need more! Again 3 times a week for about 15 minutes is just right, don’t over do it.
  4. D1 training: endurance.
    We all love just to go out and ride and if you don’t feel tired afterwards… we say we didn’t work hard enough! Training exactly these low heart rate zones (meaning: GO SLOW TAKE IT EASY) will allow you to recover faster and you’ll have the stamina to do the intensive workouts (or train a full race week(end) ).