9 things to do in 2009

Do I like resolutions? Not really. Why? They suck.
But I do like lists (those that know me, have my permission to slightly grin (okay, don’t overstretch yourself!). So here’s a list, and I’m not calling it resolutions, because everything on it is fun do to! What’s the secret to a successful list of things to do?  Not overdoing the level of ambition and keep it fun (o yeah and reward yourself, but I guess with buying a new bike, I kinda did that in advance (= funny, that’s the name of the company I work at)). So here’s my list and don’t be shy: share yours!

  1. Ride in Switzerland (= august Bike Attack),
  2. See if I like (I like!) my new Inbred frame (harhar) and paint it purple (thank the Remedy: the Inbred has been sold because it was gathering too much dust),
  3. Go to Belgium or Germany once a month (at least, or anywhere else abroad),
  4. Buy a new helmet (or two: xc (=check) and dh(-check)),
  5. While at it, get new riding gear too (ride my own fashion),
  6. Do bi-weekly trainingride with Isil (and anyone who’ll join),
  7. Pickup BMX’ing again,
  8. Ride PPdS in 8hrs or less (workout harder or suffer!),
  9. Take more pictures!

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