Anneke Beerten: “World cup victory….and the Overall title!!”

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“Last night it was all or nothing for me. I had nothing to lose in this race, I was 40 points behind Jill for the overall title so I knew I had to win from Jill to get this title.
I was feeling pretty good on this track and the first 2 turns were really important. I won my quarter final and also my semifinal…. Jill went out in the semi final. I still had to finish top 3 to take home the overall title. In the final I had Jana, Melissa and Mio on the outside from me in the gate. My gate was good but also Jana and Melissa had good gates.
I was in 3rd coming out of the first turn and I set up the second turn high to maybe make a move. Jana and Melissa were low in the turn and were both unable to do the second turn properly, they both went in a bit to fast, which left a gap for me to use and pass them…after that it just was a big adrenaline ride down to the finish.

I don’t need to tell you that I am extremely happy to end the ’07 season with my 3rd world cup win this season and the world cup overall to go with it!!!”

Congratulations Anneke, it was a long time coming and you deserve it! Next time bring a rainbow jersey on your way home!