Another item crossed off my list…

Where to begin… last Saturday was my first ever xc marathon. In Sundern (Germany) I registered for the 55km marathon. This marathon is known for having an entry level course and that sounded perfect to me. I can do that… can’t I? Can’t I!?

No, I can’t! Lack of sleep, back-pain, pollen or just not fit enough, you tell me. The first 5 km’s hit me hard and soon I was in the back of the field. That’s not fun, but I hung in there. Soon the riders of the 30 km tour caught up and I started to realize that I might be a lot fitter than I used to be, I’m still a crappy climber. And boy, was this climbing. It never seem to end, I swear wide paths and all going up. Not all very steep, but going up, and not very entertaining either. Before I was near the 15 km I was already contemplating how to get this over and done with. My back was killing me and my heart-rate was higher that I consider ‘fun’ and still nothing fun going on in front of me.

I realized the 30km was doing the same route, so I figured I’d take this short cut and I did. At the rest-post (23 km’s) I was stretching and also I found a small bottle of caffeine in my bag. After this I felt more ‘happy’ and the last 7 km’s was also more interesting and I managed to get to the finish line without getting really cranky.

So, what does this mean? I’m fit enough to endure 30 km’sย of mostly climbing (766m) and if my back hadn’t bothered me that much, I would have endured the 55km’s but in a dreadful pace. I’m still not talented for riding uphill, I never was and apparently never will. Reality-check ๐Ÿ˜‰ but with the next few weeks of power-training, getting stronger and faster, I will at least get a little better. Which will be very fine for the Bike Attack. In the mean-time… xc marathons will disappear from my to do list.

So… 9 things to do in 2011?

  1. Train with Personal Trainer (excellent!)
  2. Trek Bike Attack: in the 11th gear!
  3. Sorpetal 55 km marathon (30 km’s, not my idea of fun)
  4. Full marathon 100 km (NOT gonna happen)
  5. Week of bike-fun around the PPdS & more F4G trips!
  6. Shoot a freeride4girls movie
  7. Clean my garage ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Don’t freak… I may actually ride a xc race in Apeldoorn! (NOT gonna happen)
  9. Get the Remedy in top shape before PPdS & TBA (looks awesome, will update asap)