Best riding of the year, so far

We had a great day on the Filthy Trails yesterday. Weatherprediction websites announced a clear and dry afternoon, but it looked anything but when we got into the car in the morning. A good thing we went anyway! Check Steelsprocket’s photo’s on here. I was too busy riding and walking up the trails all afternoon to take some pictures myself.

On the ride back to the car, the sun was setting on a great day and I took on picture to prove we actually went out on the bike that day 😉

2 thoughts on “Best riding of the year, so far”

  1. Thanks for a great session. Your picture looks much better than mine! All the pictures make it look much wetter than it actually was but it was a really good day

  2. It was a good riding day, I got home finding out my other blog was hacked… bastards! If I ever needed a ride, it was late that night 😉

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