The Specialized Camber Evo 29 is coming (soonish)

The Specialized Stumpjumper has been sold (sigh) and the Specialized Camber Evo 29 is nearly done, waiting for some parts in the shop. You know I’m holding my breath here! A few other upgrades are next on my list for the next few months:

  1. Ryde Trace trail rims on Hope Evo hubs: are already on their way.
  2. Rock Shox Pike: all reviewers on these types of bikes agree: 32mm just doesn’t cut it. Adds some weight sadly, but the added qualities can’t be argued with.
  3. Easton Haven Carbon bars with Haven stem: they’ll look great!
  4. Lighter cassette and chain (you know… being nerdy about things)
  5. Crank Brothers Candy’s in red: just because..

3 thoughts on “The Specialized Camber Evo 29 is coming (soonish)”

  1. Hi,
    Can I ask what height you are and what frame size you went for please?
    I’m interested in the Evo but am unsure of the sizing.

    • Hi,

      I bought a Medium. I’m 1.71 meter tall and I was measured, both sizes would have been good for me. A small would have been playfull and the medium stable. It’s important for you to decide what you find more attractive in a bike. I’ve tried a smaller bike from another brand and it didn’t suit me, I love a playful bike but it’s too much for me. Like have a Labrador with you and you’re both excited, but at the end of the trip you’re both so tired, you can’t even see straight. 😉

      I have long-ish legs and the seat post that came with the small would have been to short for me, that’s a good one for you to consider too. Also if you want to compare to other Specialized bikes, the Evo is longer then the regular Camber! The reach of the Evo does compare slightly to the Epic.

      How I finally came to a conclusion, was because of my LTHT (18″ On One 456) it’s reach is the same as the Camber Evo and I know this works for me. But I’ll have to exchange the stem for a shorter 50mm one though an install some more backsweep in a carbon riser.

      goodluck Donncha

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