Why not commute?

Since a couple of months I live a short commute away from my job, I don’t know why I pass up a short ride only 30 kilometers (two times a day makes it a decent 60 km). I don’t think I’m that lazy or afraid of bad weather.

I do however dread the logistics. Taking the cx bike because the carbon roady seems to appealing for thieves. Packing a bag with clothes, a big lock and lights too. Food (I have specific…. ‘needs’) and stuff to shower; then where do you put your damp, wet or even dirty clothes for the day? Too many questions for me not to be bothered so I commute by bus 2x a day, a boring 45 minute drive. Not too bad at all, it’s a direct line, but it’s a shame to not take this ‘free’ extra training.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it. Get all my stuff in my new Vaude backpack and just go for it, this week even… oh darn… not I’ve said it…

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-07 om 15.35.15

The after thought

It was really dark when I left the house a little after 7am. And I steadily rode past the canal toward Lieren en I think I made a mistake here. There is a fairly simple route from my house to Arnhem, but for some reason that looked a little inefficient to me, whilst it is not. Past Loenen I was send into a street that within a few kilometers stopped being a street and entered the forrest. There I was, pitch dark without a clue where I was and a tiny gps screen that made me pissed off. So I decided not to stress out, just have the gps take me to arnhem and well if I had to be late… so be it.

Glad I took the cx bike, as I was doing some serieus trailriding in the dark. Great stuff, not just as much by myself. A few kilometers later the path became a little more road and soon enough I was on a road I actually knew with 13 kilometers to go. It slowly became light and because I was on more familiair territory I became more relaxt and enjoyed the ride. Showering at work was actually really okay, within minutes fresh behind my desk and already kudos on Strava 🙂

The trip back I took the smart way back home and I think it’s easier, also you body is fully functional not half asleep. I’ll try it again for sure, maybe when we have more daylight in the mornings!