Easter ride in Nijmegen, beating the weather

Yesterday I delivered the Flatline back to the bike-shop and today I’ve been out on my trusty steed, the Switch. Can tell you how nice it is to have your own bike back again. I’ve been looking forward to this long Easter weekend for a while and I even though about going to Bad Wildbad for the weekend. But the weather predictions where awful. Even Sauerland and Ardennes where out of the question really as a weather alarm was given.

We headed out to the official xc-trails in Nijmegen and we focused on our favorite parts of the tracks. I’ve tried to make time to take pictures. The best riding for me today was in the middle parts of what we call ‘ruiterpad’. I could to that part all day and try to perfect the riding. It’s more worn out then I remember and it makes for perfect flow riding. Where I feel best.

Impressions of today

2 thoughts on “Easter ride in Nijmegen, beating the weather”

  1. Hey Tanja, thanks for the great ride and I love the pictures but what’s with the wortels?! I’ll ask my Dutch colleagues about saying that tomorrow.

  2. hahaha… asked google? 😉 it’s dutch for roots, but in this rare case I think the dutch word describes it better.

    But Ilja, Reinier and I where riding at that spot one time and this man came up to us. He said he loved the fact that we where having fun, but that we where actually ruining 1.000 year old tree roots. Eventually studies (read in the paper later) proved that the tree roots wheren’t that old. But the name stuck ofcourse 😉

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