Full circle!

If I look at the bikes I currently own and at the history of my bikes… I see something funny going on:

  1. Trek Remedy: a CherryBomb (2003) evolution
  2. Santa Cruz Bullit: well… we’ve been down that road before (2003)
  3. Trek Fuel ex: reminds me of my Giant xtc (2001)

So, in the past ten years I’ve been figuring out what my perfect ride would be. Trying out several bikes from the same genre, just to try and find THE ONE bike to do it all. While the answer is: multiple bikes (bikes I used to own, sort of)! Kinda elite, right?!

However… I still consider the Remedy to be the best choice for the all-in-one bike. It’s an awesome all-round bike most versatile for the trails I love riding the most: going down, only to climb uphill to do it again!

a Fuel Ex

Yes, the Fuel ex is the newest addition to the family and it’s the work-horse from now on, where the last two years the Remedy took on that role too. Yesterday’s first ride in Schoorl hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m far from top-fit, but going round with the Fuel felt like having wings. The bike is about 3 kg’s lighter then the Remedy and has 3 cm less travel. But basically it’s the same bike, with all the exceptionally great riding capabilities. Just: the Remedy is the downhill-champ, the Fuel scores on uphills.

It’s a pleasure to ba able to own both bikes, I will now enjoy xc-training-rides, so me and my show-pony – the Remedy – can have ultimate fun in the Alps this summer. I still wonder if I will be enjoying a full marathon, 6 hours or more on the Fuel with another steep uphill every time you go around the corner. I have a few months to figure out how the half-marathon will go down.

Great bikeshop

Pictures? I’ll make some pretty soon, it’s pretty standard so far. With Continental Race King tires. When I have some more km’s down, I’ll have a better idea of tuning (or not). Anyway, let me tell you about the guys that arranged my bike to be delivered within a few days, the awesome guys fromĀ www.fietsshopuitgeest.nl. Helped me figure out which Fuel to get and got it ready to ride in a matter of days (and it was a steal too!). They’re all just as nuts about Trek bikes as I am and you can walk in their store and find a Scratch or a Remedy in the wild! Maybe a Session too if you’re lucky! Thanks for your excellent service, it’s great shopping at a bikeshop that knows about enduro-downhill from first-hand experience in the first place. And totally get your bike-obsessions (Fuel, Remedy … what not).