Great time in Morzine (ppds ’12)

Last thursday 3 girls and 3 bikes drove up to Morzine for a few days of bike fun in the Alpes. We couldn’t believe our luck, the tracks where dry and the sun was bright. Perfect riding conditions! We did some runs on friday and Marieke also the nightride of Morzine which was very nice she said. Saturday, short sleeves and sunscreen we took the Super Morzine up and we haven’t stopped smiling all day… but once… maybe.

Until the uplift TS Aiguille des Champeys… everything was fine and dandy. Then we rode up and saw an weird picture. No movement, the bikes and riders like fossils hanging frozen in the air. We turned around the corner and we saw masses of bikers riding pun the hill, mumbling “lift broken” while we descended to the lift cottage. After a short break we got the final news, the lift was broken and we had to ride up. It was ‘only’ 3 km’s going up, only 201m uphill and it took me and hour to get there. All things considered, that wasn’t that bad. It was a huge climb and I could ride it all, slowly but riding and I was pretty stoked to make it. Even though it meant having to skip Champery, Les Gets and Avoriaz. A smaller lap this time, but without any walking.

Impossible trail-riding/sliding?

After sleeping in and doing some shopping on sunday, we went for a short ride going up with the Pleny. On Monday we left for Les Crosets, one of our favorite places to ride. It was foggy, like last year but the rain kept near Morzine, so we had a pretty dry ride before we got back there. Dry is not the right description btw… it was muddy, very muddy! At times we couldn’t ride and the wheels couldn’t spin because of the large amount of mud sticking to the tires. We where discussing whether of not riding the roots near Morzine or not when 3 Welschmen drove by and we asked if we could tag along to Morzine. They said the roots where probably impossible to ride, so we should tag along. The way down they choose was everything but possible to ride and it took us forever in the sticky mud and poring rain to slide down the slopes. Unrideable and unforgettable.