Groningen 4X track

Yesterday we visited the 4x track in Groningen, for some reason I haven’t been there before and I wanted to see the track before next weeks race. It’s a nice track, starts with a small table and a tiny triple, then some nice stepdowns-to-berm where you pick up good speed. Then a peddly bit and a tight turn, two huge tables that I’m not sure what to do with and a really cool hipjump. I’m hoping to ride with a borrowed Slayer, as the Switch is a bit heavy for this kinda thing.

Weird thing was, after a week of bmx, riding a freeride-fully almosts feels like riding on a defective bike. It took a few runs before I had the feeling back and a had a few very nice runs. They’re building a Slopestyle track. It’s a down-slope with (a few) choises of lines and I’m not sure if I’m going to ride that race. I’d rather focus on having a goof 4x run and having fun.