HOT 2008 Rocky Mountain news (eurobike)

Yesterday I got to take a look at the 2008 Rocky Mountain brochure and the new gamma looks awesome. One thing I noticed right away: NO MORE SWITCH (and no more RMX)! It’s gone and no tears of mine is gonna get it back. If you can get your hands on a 2007 Switch… get it, cherish it and never let it go! But take a look at the Flatline… and the Slayer SS…!


You must have seen posts on this blog about the new downhill-prototype and slopestyle slayer and they’re responsible for the Switch and RMX now being out of work. The Flatline is the name of the downhillrig and it has 4 presets (if I’m remembering it all correctly). Depending on what kind of fork you install, you can fix the rear travel and geometry (steering angle up to 62,8°) to compliment the fork and balance your ride. These settings go from ± 6″ to ± 9″ travel.

Slayer SXC

The Slayer is available in two version, the SXC, much like the current SXC.

The SS: the Slayer Slopestyle.

Flow in Disco-pink

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