How I love a good muddy ride


Last Sunday I went for another ride in Brunssum. The PPdS is just around the corner, and we haven’t been all that active with regular training rides (shame). When I left home (Brunssum is a 2 hrs ride for me) it was raining cats ‘n dogs, here and in Brunssum. But I had good hopes on a dry ride.

It was somewhat dry, I mean no rain! Some sun and a very comfortable temperature of 19ยบ+, so shirts and shorts and two happy riders on their marry way. The not so dry bit came from the surface, I don’t think Brunssum can get any muddier then this. a thick layer of mud plastered over our gear, bike and any body part not covered. It’s never been this much fun and, most important, we never did the two laps in a faster time!

My friends new ride, Mythic Wildcard was finally fully blessed and approved, if we need new carreers, we can start a bikeshop together.


Oh, and NO-ONE ever gets to say anything bad about the Continental Mountain King tires. They rock! The review is coming up this week here at Stay tuned.