I figured the Remedy out!

It was one of those great rides. Raining cat’s & dogs, but we had to go! I had a score to settle with my new Remedy and my friend needed to say goodbye to his trusty steed, to make room for a new one. Last wednesday’s ride left me wondering: did I buy the damn thing to big?

I ordered a Raceface Atlas Am stem with a Raceface Dh 1.5″ riser. Thought I needed a tough more rise. The stem was spot-on, but the riser wasn’t. Thankfully I had an old banged up Hussefelt 2″ riser lying around and that did the trick. Felt just like home! Installed the Joplin (another *it fits/it works* relieve, and a question: “how did I get around without one for so long?“), some nasty white grips from Specialized and my trusted Continental Mountain King tires (I SHOULD write a review on these soon!).

This all and the dirtiest ride of the year makes my riding itch the worst I’ve had in years… I’m a lost cause…