I’m too stoked not to write about this

Tonight I had my first bmx training. I bought a cruiser a while ago and now summer-recess is over, it’s time to jump into it. In Apeldoorn there’s a really nice track and I asked if I could join in on the training to see if I’d like it. The first group are the little kids, as young a 5-6 years! And I joined the older group. Among a lot of other very talented riders, two recent worldchamps and little old me! At times I was hanging on by a thread, but the second half of the workout the bike started to make -more- sence to me and the track too. That’s when more fun kicked in, even then I was crunching like a maniac to keep up (or try to), but I liked it lots. The trainer gave a lot of excellent pointers. On how to start, how to place the cranks, your feet, your hand and upper body and how to crank once the gates down. I learned so much and I’m eager to learn so much more. This is cool!