Limburg makes for excellent rides

One of my good friends, Ilja, is from Limburg. But he never got around to ride in the region that’s known for having the little altitude we have in the Netherlands. But since we have big plans to be at least fit for the PPdS: we put Limburg on our map.

After a great ride last sunday we returned today for seconds (and thirds I guess), we got to ride lap 1 two times and had good fun at it! It’s just about 14km’s and there’s two alternative routes to connect to if you wish, which we’ll do next time.

Somewhat technical lap, plenty roots and small drop-offs. It has some very nice fast sections that makes the drive up there more than worth it. The beginning of the lap is the best fun and get’s you in the good mood right away. And for me, the mood never changed. Not even for the few uphill sections that can somewhat erm… suck. But I suppose it’s not even that bad considering we rode with our big bikes and I didn’t feel butchered at all. I must be getting in shape!

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