The long wait… (for a new bike)

After a lot of thought, blogposts and talks with friends I managed to choose what bike to buy. You may have read about my preference for the bigger wheel-size and I’ve stuck to it. Also, I bought a Stumpjumper FSR 140mm last year to tight me over until I had made this decision and riding with Specialized agreed with me. It’s also nice to do business with my old sponsor Stappenbelt in Apeldoorn. They are a Specialized Concept Store and gave me ample opportunity to test bikes that I considered to buy.

Of course there are many contenters and exotic brands to consider, but you know… why bother? I have my LBS just around the corner, they are skilled and the bikes are good. Granted, Specialized is a little pricey but that was the only downsize for me.

After the Stumpjumper FSR a new Stumpjumper seemed most logical, but it was a little too much bike for me. I wanted a light bike, capable for technical descents and great at climbing. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Now that sounds like a slogan 😉 It’s arriving first week of april, oh dear that’s a long wait.

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