Look’s like we have a winner: Remedy

I’m almost there. My final decision came to the Lapierre and the Trek. De Lapierre because it’s supposed to be as good as a VPP bike with the benefits of horst-link. That does sound good! However, the Spicy 316 has a rather basic setup and the Spicy 516 is somewhat to expencive. Unless I shop in the UK, but somehow I’m not that eager getting a bike through mailorder, without any servicepoints in the Netherlands.

The Remedy 7 on the otherhand, has the basic setup I wanted: Lyrik U-turn and Fox Float RP2. The rest of the setup is somewhat basic (Shimano SLX: but I don’t really prefer Shimano), Avid Juicy 5 brakes (owned then: just fine) and a bunch of Bontrager stuff.

I’m not going to change everything at first: just the two things I think I need:

MRP XCG GUARDS: chainguide for triple setup: 120 gram!
Crank Brothers Joplin
Crank Brothers Joplin: mechanic seatpost

Within the next 3 to 4 weeks I should have a new ride!