Megavalanche… terror-week part 3, the end.

It’s sunday, I just witnessed the Megavalanche from a spectators view. I didn’t race after a crash yesterday in the qualifier. I was about 10 minutes on my way, good position, well in front with some girls in sight I was going to overtake… when I got run over by a guy that was trying to catch up with his wave and well, his excuse was… “my brakes are dead”.

His and mine handlebars got tangled up and he fell sideways, dragging me with him. I fell over him, with enough speed to crush my hip. At least, it felt so. I trying to push the pain away, trying to catch my breath and I got up. Couldn’t stand for long and I tryed to sit. Then my legg gave up on me, massive pain!

I got checked out by a first-aid person and then this parapenter-guy came. Oh, he wasn’t going to parapent, he was unfolding an inflateable gurney, ready to take me up to meet the helicopter… oops. This moving to the gurney was painfull, being carried up was bad too.

In the heli I had to laugh, I finally to up in a helicopter and I couldn’t see anything, but sky and sun in my eyes. Then I got moved again (augh) and had to wait for ages fot the ambulance to pick me up. I think it took them about an hour 🙁 and I was in a bad state. Angry and somewhat scared for what was wrong with me.

The ambulance came and they stopped along the way to hassle me for money. OMG, what do you expect from me, get me to the doctor now! Then in the doctors office they had me wait some more to have my friends come with the money. Only, they didn’t know where to find me. Thank god my friend Ollie found me, his speaks perfect french and I could finally rest and calm down. I was just about to go mental on these guys.

The pictures where clean and I was told to get up and yeah… it wasn’t that painfull all the sudden, that’s weird too.

I was told I could maybe ride the Mega… but I was done, one airlift is enough for me, so me and my bashed up pinky watched the Mega from the mountain, where the top 10 men looked like they came from another planet… awesome! Wildhaber won (obviously).

» Photo’s of the Megavalanche terror-week are here
(an illustrated and elabotate report will follow this week)

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