My last post dates from march 16th, about 3 month ago. Not long ago, but a lot has happened since. Races, riding, selling and buying of stuff and personal challenges. I should elaborate some more 🙂

The next level

Last year I’ve been working with a trainer and learned a lot about how to train, how to enjoy training and how much fun being fit really is. It is! So, I had plenty wishes for this season, first things first: get rid of asthma as an obstacle. So I finally asked my doctor and she referred me to a lung specialist, one I thought would adjust medication and send me off to to get brilliantly fit…

February second I had done a fit-test which was not bad, but not really good either. Max 190 watt and one of the things I noticed was that I couldn’t really stand much ‘pain’ from riding in the max zone. I hooked up with an online trainer from and soon started to get into form. A lot of improvement in the climbs and I actually learned to like road cycling and training on the road bike. March 25th I actually did a road-tour in Belgium, the E3 about 83km lap with 726m uphill, I was in the zone!

House MD

A series of tests were done before I could talk to the specialist, bloodworks, long function tests and CT scan. The results were unclear and more tests had to be done and more tests were done before I finally was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. “Have you ever heard of sarcoidosis?”, he asked and I dare not reply “House is talking about is all the time… does that count?” (he actually does!).

So, no I didn’t know what it was, and I’m not alone… as they’re still doing much research on it to learn HOW people get it, and WHY and how to TREAT it, because they don’t actually know this. So, this changes… nothing (as sarcoidosis is usually left untreated and needs to heal by itself).

Keeping at it

After Esneux I rode the enduro of Sart Tilman and came 2nd, had to stop in Remouchamps after 3hours of hard labour and not being able to continue and in Winterberg… well it was even sadder. I couldn’t recuperate from hard intensive work anymore, intensive riding actually started to hurt, riding in the max-zone was impossible and basically things was going downhill… yeah pun intended.

After Winterberg came Ovifat and I dared not to ride at first, afraid of how I’d feel if I had to quit again, but did in the end. It was a lovely day and without hard labour, just fun on two wheels. So I got into a tourist mode and kept from exhaustion just kept rolling and smiling, finished the day in 4th amazingly and best thing of all I had some sense of accomplishment again and had fun. A thing that was missing the last few weeks.

The body

By this time I was in the midst of nasty tests and knew what I probably was up against sarcoidosis without knowing the full extend of it, so I had to make a decision. This couldn’t continue, even though I was told I could do what ever I wanted… as long as the body wanted it too. And the body had their own set of wishes. The body wished rest.

I arrested my training schedule, there was no point without the energy to go at it anyway. And took a long rest.

I now do about a -slow- ride a week and work a little less with less projects and the same time (or rather 1 project), eat super healthy, read more and get as much sleep as possible. I should add that my intentions are to get back into a rhythm of training as soon as possible as I believe my fitness it a positive contributor to how I can cope with this disease. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I where in a poor physical state and then got sarcoidosis to boot… I have improved about 10 watts over the last few months as my last fit-test (lung/heart function may 31st) showed good -potential- form. Hurray!

The new rules

When I stick to my new rules, I feel good. Food has a mayor impact on that; no gluten, no processed foods, no fructose (so no sodas). But more fruits/vegetables and a daily juice of these and a protein-shake before bed. This helps me feel strong and able. Fructose is a nasty thing that’s in so many drinks these days and it’s super bad for your liver energy for instance. Giving up fructose and gluten was most impact full on how I felt and recuperated. Without it, it means less stress to the body and that makes all the difference. Also, when I go away for a ride I should pay extra attention to food and not cheat (believe me I learned). The combination of stress of food and stress of exhaustion it too much and sets me back a few steps immediately.  Summary of new rules: reduce stress!

Dukkha. Maybe I can meditate myself back into shape 😉


So that’s my story, you’re now back up to date. Next up: Passportes du Soleil! The ‘tourist-mode with new rules’ will be put into practice. I’m looking forward to a nice long weekend with friends and the Trek Slash in Morzine.

I’ve also sold my Session 🙁 sad I know, but I bought a new toy that I’ll pick up today and will keep me entertained in modus-tourismus for a while. More on that later!