MS racing & Evil join forces: Beerten is out

I’m don’t usually do this, ventilate my personal feelings in a public ‘flame’, but this one you can’t ignore. The goones from MS Racing joined forces with EVIL, well good for them, Filip Polc, Steve Smith and Matti Lehikoinen. Not for dutch rider Anneke Beerten, she won last years world championship ánd the overall worldcup. What more could a team ask for you say?

“Team Director Markus Stöckl commented; “MS-Racing has been working on building of our vision of a mountain bike team for almost 5 years and we have worked with a couple of partners in the past. After we won the 4X team overall and women’s 4X overall title in 2008 we felt stagnant somehow and knew it was time for a change

Beerten has been let go, but I’m sure a rider with that much potential soon gets swept away by some very smart team-manager. Markus Stöckl has immortalized himself with this thoughtless quote. If you want change, if you want different riders, whatever: don’t put it on feeling STAGNENT over the two biggest accomplishments: winning the overall and the world title. When you say that, you degrade the effort of a rider that has worked her ass of for you and your team.

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  1. Hi,
    We had many talks with Anneke and we both agreed ( but not easily) that we will let here go.
    She also had a contract with Veltec in Netherlands wich is the Dutch distributor for Intense.
    Dorrs for Anneke are whide opend and we are still good friends.
    We would never let one of the nicest persons in the circuit just leave without any future plans.

    Thanks Markus

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