New Formula One and Mega Brakes (2008)

BikeRadar just posted the scoop on new Formula brakes, One and Mega brakes for freeride- and downhill-bikes.

Formula say the One and Mega brakes deliver about 20% more stopping power but in the same clean and refined manner of the Oros. With weight closely matching the Oro’s it’s clear that the new brakes will also find a place on everyday trail bikes as well as more specialist freeride and downhill rigs.

Formula One

Formula the One lever (2008) It may look like a pimped up Oro but there’s a whole lot more to the new One. The master cylinder’s reservoir that also serves as an expansion bladder is still housed in the lever body to keep it protected but the similarity ends there. The most notable difference is the addition of a gold CNC machined lever reach dial. This does away with fiddly Allen key adjustment and makes on the move tweaks far easier, especially if you’re wearing thick gloves.
The lever clamp is offset to help improve mounting options and Formula has ditched the two part banjo attachment going into the master cylinder in favour of a simpler inline hose.
Built to take the knocks of freeriding and downhill the One’s lever features a machined sheer off point. This is designed to save the master cylinder body from damage in the event of a crash. The lever also runs on an oversized pivot for improved stiffness and strength.

Formula Mega

The Mega carries same strength characteristics of the One but with fewer “fancy” parts. This means less machining with the reach dial replaced by an Allen key screw and there’s a two part calliper assembly instead of the single block of the One.

Having quoted the best parts of the post here, I’ll leave you with the one (pardon the pun) photo. For the rest of the post and more photo’s, you really should check out Bikeradar yourself. hasn’t posted anything yet, 2008 products will be updates soon.