Nsmb.com: Marzocchi 2008

A Marzocchi-equipped VPfree – one of Marcello’s rides in Cortina.

The 2008 Marzocchi Fourcross fork.  100mm and 1820 grams (4lbs) claimed weight.

The Marzocchi 55 ATA.  Why is it called the 55?  Because it has 6″ of travel of course

The Marzocchi 66 ATA in white.  Why is it called the 66 you ask?  Because it has 7″ (180mm) of travel of course.

“If I liked the fork, I was even more impressed by the air Roco. It feels like a coil shock. Honestly. I was trying my best to slam the bike as badly as I can (which comes as second nature to me) and the shock just felt bottomless and did not complain once. After some runs, I got fully accustomed to the coil/air combo and really enjoyed flying down Cortina’s trails, which were actually pretty cool. I am sure you will see more bike manufacturers spec’cing the Roco air.” (STOKED… I WANT ONE!)
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2 thoughts on “Nsmb.com: Marzocchi 2008”

  1. *zucht* aangezien mijn vpp uit elkaar ligt kan ik net zo goed deze witte bestellen vind je ook niet….boehoe

  2. UHUH! hehehehe…. die hele witte free!? Wat een onwijs vet ding! Maar ik ga binnenkort aan Cosmic Sports/Stappenbelt eens vragen of ik niet zo’n Air Roco kan gaan testen. Skitterend!

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