One happy Camber ;-)

Where to begin? Yes, the Camber Evo finally arrived a little sooner than anticipated even. First impression: the size is spot-on! I’m glad I have the medium and my LBS was smart to set me up with a shorter stem to start with and it fits like a glove. One less thing to worry about.


One thing I did straight away, exchange the stock riser. I think it was too ugly to look at, I had a Bontrager Carbon riser and even though that may be sin on a Specialized bike, they look good together. After my initial rides, I’m reconsidering my preference for a 720mm width, going wider.

After removing the flats and covering my chainstay I was finally ready for a ride. The first ride was mellow and I felt comfortable and happy. I had Ground Control on the Roval wheels to install the Purgatory/Butcher set on my new wheels. The Ground Controls didn’t fully do it for me.


The first full trail ride on Sunday was awesome, the Reba kept up pretty decent, a Pike with a little offset may be the cherry on the pie, but I’m not complaining so far. I can’t believe how easy the Camber Evo climbs, I didn’t miss the brain, it works that good. And never did the Camber feel ‘big’, it’s compact and I like how easy it handles. I think I’ve found my match, this bike seems perfect for me.