RM Switch one year later

My Switch came back from the bikeshop after a tune-up. It’s been about a year and I’ll let you know the damages of a year riding on it.

  • 2 sets of brake pads,
  • 1 new chain and a casette change (didn’t like the race set-up),
  • new bearings in front wheel (suspected production error),
  • tiny scratch 1 innerleg fork (thanks to this *peep*)
  • 1 broken spoke and 1 dent in rear wheel (kinda fixed),
  • thinner oil in fork,
  • standard maintainance to fork and shock.

That’s it! And it still looks praktically new, the paint still looks good. It has minor scratches on the rear, a few on the rims and cranks. Nothing out of the ordinairy. To be honest, I’ve had bikes looking like crap after just one year. My Switch still looks brand new, people ask me if I actually use it…

Anyway, I’ve bought new tires Continental Mountain King, going to use them with Bontrager anti-pinch innertubes. Light weight save without compromising the protection. Keep you posted with my experience, I must say that Continental makes impressive tires. For loose compound track I like to ride the Verticals, they have tiny spikes and a lot of clearing. Hopefully the Mountain King tires do well to.