Singlespeeding to save your live…

My back still hurts, I must be so out of shape. I can’t believe it. It’s been crazy at work lately, so I can’t remember the last time I was on the bmx, but I know I did a lap in Nijmegen on the singlespeed only 3 weeks ago. Not that bad, right? Last sunday I entered a race of the winterseries my club is organizing. One race a month.

I was the only one on a singlespeed and I was so pleased that the first lap was on asphalt [insert sarcastic smug]. Obviously I was allready grinding my teeth before the first corner… that I passed last. Joy! The first lap offroad I needed to warm up again and next lap I was finally getting somewhere. Felt good on the singletrails and I managed to power climb the few uphills the course had. The best feeling!

I got cought up by the leading men in the 4th lap and first woman in the 5th. I figured I didn’t have to do the final 6th lap, but I was wrong. I plowed my way through that last lap. My back was painfully stiff and I was getting tired. With grinding my teeth and the one gear I had, I made it to the finishline. Yeah… oops, they didn’t mean to forget to finish me a lap sooner, but they did 😉 Oh well. It was good fun and I’m actually not that badly out of shape. I’ll keep the singlespeed workouts up this winter and these races. And I’ll surprise them in the end… If they’d only skip that foolish asphalt sprint!!