Stuff I’ve been enjoying this week

Khyber ride

Chris Akrigg and his Mongoose Khyber. Now I know again why I like these Mongoose bikes so much. Even when they have awefull colours.

Farmer Jack

This one is so funny, you have to watch this one. The Atherton family goes out for a ride and run into the landowner, Farmer Jack.

Willingen flow ride

I’ve been dying to go to Willingen and I hope to get there very soon. Wanna see why?

6 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve been enjoying this week”

  1. I think it’s open non-stop, but we have to make sure bikers are allowed during easter-weekend (busy times in Germany). And that there’s no snow. Also we have to make sure winter-tires aren’t mandatory anymore (usually is during wintertimes, I don’t have ’em).

    But I would like to go very much 🙂

  2. btw Malcolm, have you checked the weather? OMG snow and freeze in Willingen the next 7-10 days I believe 😮 The same thing for Belgium and Nijmegen. Will check later this week, but that’s awefull! Need alternatives, indoors somewhere maybe 😉

  3. Willingen – milestone from back in the day 😉 it might just be a perfect spot for me to get them wheels in motion once again (which should prove entertaining for you guys as I will suck). However, it better be a dry day in comfortable weather, preferably a sunny day. Then we could walk back up a bit and play, avoiding abusive drunks that will ruin the experience.

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