Thank you Lenzerheide, Trek Bike Attack

Last weekend we went to the Trek Bike Attack in Lenzerheide Switzerland. With phenomenal weather we had so much fun, we didn’t want to go home and had a big smile throughout the weekend. Team-rider Eline Nijhuis took 7th in the qualli and 19th in the race. And our friend Iris ten Kaaten took 9th in the qualli, 2 dutch girls in the top 10 on the qualli, how about that!

For me the race was great, lately I’ve been feeling excellent. Even though I wasn’t fully fit, my endurance-level was not up to par, I could ride! And rode with fun. Marginally slower than last year, so I was pretty stoked… that’s not that bad! I crashed in the qually and in the race. In the race I had to take two pauses to catch my breath and cool down, switched to AM helmet on the bottom (I hid my full face lid and thankfully it was still there after) and had a great time in the bottom part. I could do all climbs on the bike, wasn’t as overheated as last year, and highfived and thanked all volunteers along the way. These guys are so enthusiastic, cheering us on and making it possible for us to have the best time possible. THANK YOU!

I came across the finish line with a little tear of happiness, a few months ago I thought I would have to stay home. But no pain, no ugliness… just pure riding fun. Blessed me!

My friend Ernies had trained to ride her first ever enduro downhillrace and finished as last participant while being welcomed by winner René Wildhaber, she did so well and the highfive of this hero was the best thing!