The Malmedy Massacre

Today I got butchered in Malmedy (Belgium). A butchering that bad doesn’t happen that much and it makes it worth mentioning that much more. What happened? I trailed along with Trailjunkie TBX, and some of his friends, and I obviously forgot to buy some EPO for the ride…

Malmedy is a great place for excellent freeriding, awesome scenery and technical trails. We got on the bike around 2pm and arrived back at the cars, I think around 8pm. Did a lot of pushbiking and hit the sweetest (single)-trails around. While the boys had some extra fun, I grabbed the camera and found an excuse to lay low and recupurate.

More pics here, some pictures where to poor lighted, didn’t upload them. You can download large files here too.

Sitting it out still wasn’t enough though, the last hour I think, I was hanging on by character alone and it was all I could do to keep smiling. And the ride home was also a bit of a challenge. But I made it, gonna hit the showers and bed, more riding tomorrow. The infamous Castor will be back on the bike… need to recharge camera for that.

TBX and all trailjunkies, thanks for the best butchering ever, it must be something in the Belgian water, the way you guys ride! Have fun on the roadtrip and we’ll ride soon!

Oh… yeah I decided to blog in english from now on.

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  1. so the comments should be in english as well?

    Where u the only dutchie there? representing a nation… I wish i was there. The pics look very good. Next time 4 sure.


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