Trans Provence day 3: we shredded!

We woke up on day 3 feeling pretty great, we had a very tasty meal the other night, a great room and proper sleep quality, and we had some clean riding gear.

What are we having today Julia?

‘Today’, Julia announced ‘there is NO uphill, I promise not more than 40 pedal stroked necessary guys… it’s a rest day.

Yes, 7 smiling bikers at breakfast ready for another awesome day, bring it on!

Ash drove us up to Col des Champs at 2080m altitude through walls of snow where we started our 40 pedal strokes through the meadow (all while humming ‘the sound of music’). And there it was… the one and only walk-up of the day. Easy peasy, right?


Picture: Julia Hobson

So long Cube… or not

We were only minutes away on the first stage down and I heard a “Help!” behind me, I quickly warned Sam who was just about to turn the corner and I walked back up. What happened?

Georg already grew tired of his Cube (that he later this summer would replace with ‘Mary’ the Liteville) and tossed it over the edge… a good 40-50 meters down. Sorry, Georg but you’ll need it to get to the finish, so you better go and get it back.


After all that we kept a close eye out for the Cube, making sure George wouldn’t toss it again. The rear-wheel was in bad shape, it was eventually kicked back into-somewhat-shape for him to complete the Trans Provence, but it was clear. The end of life of the Cube was getting closer.

Best day ever!

Day 3 was the new best day ever (later we’d found out we would say that about almost every day). We were also one of the lucky few to have ridden the Grey Earth (got the pictures), it would sadly be destroyed a few weeks later.


Near the end of the day, I lost my balance and ended in a ditch without being able to get myself out of it. After Annemieke and Sean were done laughing at me (thanks guys) they pulled me out and we finished the epic day of shredding.

We even got a compliment from Ash that made us smile from ear to ear for the whole week “you girls shredded today” …yay!

😀 finishing the day with a Grimbergen for all, another best day ever.

Day 3