Trans Provence day 5: best day ever!

We’ve said it before, but day 5 was the ├╝ber best day ever, ever! We started out climbing… nothing new here. But we’ve started to get the hang of it, actually, we are starting to like and enjoy it. Perhaps it was because the end of the week was getting awfully close, to deny that fact we choose to thoroughly enjoy the torture of walking up with a bike poking on your neck. I miss it now…


Today we had a guest joining our group, a small Tibetan Terrier deserted his master to go trail riding with us. On our first break, he measured everyone in the group to see if any of us was willing to donate food to him. By this time we were living on sour sweets, not dog food so he was well out of luck. We waited but no sign of his master and we had to carry on, and he followed loyally.

We tried to discourage him to continue, but he was adamant and we eventually called his master (who left his phone number on the dog’s collar). The person we spoke was the owner’s wife, and we agreed that we’d take Elou (I think that was his name, even though we all called him Benji because he looked like a Benji) along to our lunch break. We needn’t worry about the dog, he’d be fine and we carried on.


A great ride, well exposed and ungulated and ended in a wicked descent into town. Elou was having the time of his life and Ash started to like having him around, telling Elou were to run behind him. The little bugger was a very obedient dog actually. Our descent ended in a little square where his mistress was waiting for him, knowing he was in trouble, he hid under our field-kitchen-table but was carried off anyway. Bye Bye!

The lunch never tasted as good and in the afternoon it was Julia’s turn again. More ungulated riding and plenty of exposed bit too. Too exposed for some, but we had the time of our lives. This was epic riding and yeah the best day ever.

Day 5